Friday, 6 May 2011

Russian Red

One of my friends got me Russian Red MAC lipstick for x-mas last year and it's actually the only red the looks really good on my skin tone( I always had to mix two colors together). I really like this lipstick because it's not so bright, its more of a deep red color. My only problem with it is.. that you have to wear a lip liner otherwise it gets all over your face and the color wears out after a few hrs :-(

Tip: Adding a light coat of lip gloss can completely change the color and look of your lipstick...Try it.


  1. i love this lipstick! total different opinion to you though, mine stayed on all night and i didnt have to wear a liner...


    visit us?

  2. hmmm...That makes me wonder if mine has a defect :-(...Thanks for visiting my blog! Don't forget to follow.



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