Thursday, 5 May 2011

10 Ways to Wear Your Little Black Dress!

A little black dress is a must have item in your closet! It is versatile, timeless, and easy to wear...below are 5 easy ways to wear your little black dress. ( I suggest you get a simple black dress so it never goes out of style.

1. You can always wear a Blazer over your dress. Try wearing a white or colored blazer it will change the look of your dress.

2. Wearing tights under your dress makes it seem like you put a lot effort into your outfit even if you didn't. (You can always wear simple black tights or ones with patterns)

3. Add a bold belt, try a animal print belt or a belt with color.

4. Wear a white button down and cardigan over your dress, it gives the illusion that your are wearing a shirt and skirt.

5. Accessorize! wear a necklace, and bracelet. (pearls, Gold, and Silver go really well with a black dress)

6. Add a small neck scarf to your dress, you can tie your scarf in many different ways.

7. Make your shoes the focus of your dress. (try a bold color shoes, print, or sparkles)

8. Wearing a hat with you dress can completely change the entire look.

9. Wear flats or sandals with your dress to make it look less formal.

10. Lastly you can go with the all black everything look! ( I generally wear red lipstick with this look)

I'm going to look for examples to post. Comment Below if you have any other suggestions!!! Also Don't forget to follow my blog! :-)

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