Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Outfit of the Day

You can always wear a light weight cami under your crop top if you don't want to show your stomach.

Shirt (American Apparel, but you can find similar ones at forever 21)


  1. I dunno about crop tops...Even when they were in style years ago, I never did like them...To me they scream..."Hey, i'm a sketty bum and I smell". This outfit looks ok for a shoot, but i'd think twice about walking down this street with it on. Plus, crop tops paired with skinny jeans/leather pants are very selective on its wearers. It's a MUST to have abs or at the least a tiny waist and flat stomach with NO love-handles. Maybe they may work with a high-waisted pant/shorts that cover the stomach...

  2. I personally LOVE crop tops, but I do agree they aren't for everyone. I think the best way to wear them is with long jeans to avoid showing too much skin at once...but I do approve of them with shorts if you are going to the beach.



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