Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Do YOU Love it?

Here are some looks from the Metropolitan Museum Of Art Gala.
1.I love the color of Jennifer Lopez dress on her skin tone but I'm not exactly sure I like the dress.. The mid-section cut out looks a bit awkward.
2. I loved Kerry's dress but she seemed a bit under dressed compared to everyone else.
3. Rihanna looked amazing as always!
4..It's really not my favorite Beyonce look... What do you think??


  1. Well,I liked J.Lo's dress minus the shrugg (sp?). This is the best i've seen Kerry Washington look. Her hair and make-up and the color of the dress against her darker skin tone was on point, but I agree that this was not a dress for this event. I loved Rihanna's dress (She's a sketel so she likes to give the illusion that she's naked). However, I don't think her hair, make-up or shoes went well with the dress. Her hair is looking more and more like a wig as oppose to a really good weave. As they say in the Caribbean, B looked like she had her "home-face" on. Her make-up and hair didnt compliment the dress, she looked like she was trying it on in a store after having lunch with J at McD's. I also didnt like the dress at all, she's too short for it. The top cuff around the neck made her look midgety... (The tall and slender Zoe saldana might hsve pulled this one off a bit better). Someone please tell J to cut his hair. He looked like a homeless man in a suit. (Can you pls do a post on Caribbean chic and street style using our Caribbean Celebrities like Zoe Saldana, the Chin sisters, Garcelle Beauvais,Rihanna and any other Carib peeps you can think of.)

  2. Good Idea!!..I'll work on the Caribbean street and Chic style ASAP =)



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