Thursday, 28 April 2011

Straight Hurr Routine

To get my hair super straight I follow these steps.

Step 1. I shampoo and condition my hair with Sunsilk straighten up, if you can't find it in stores you can also use L'oreal Vive Pro hydra gloss (the one in the yellow bottle).

Step 2. Untangle you hair while wet

Step 3. Let your hair completely air dry. You can use a blow drier if you want.

Step 4. Spray your hair with heat protection (this is very important)

Step 5. Part your hair into little sections, the smaller the section the less time it will take to straighten.

Step 6. Coat the piece of hair with hair polish (I use Argon Oil or Fantasia in the pink bottle)

Step 7. Flat iron each piece of hair after coating it with polish.

I'll post pictures later =)


  1. hey this is tiff... could u tell me some examples of heat protections that u use?

  2. Hey Tiff!!!..You can use Tresemme heat protectant spray..It's really inexpensive and it works well.



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