Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Mother's Day 2011

So one of my friends sent me a text last night asking what am I getting my mommy for mother's day..ughhh when is mother's day again?? I completely forgot it's NEXT WEEK!....Anyway I sat down all morning compiling a list of things I can possibly do/get her......

Expensive Gift Ideas $100-$300
1. I live in the Virgin Islands so i was thinking about a weekend trip or a day trip to the British Virgin Islands or St. Thomas. If you live in Miami a weekend cruise is always an option.
2. A day at the Spa/salon3. New Perfume

Gift Ideas $50-$75
1. Digital Picture Frame with old family pictures
2.Personalized Family Portraits on a Canvas
3.Start a Garden

Inexpensive Gift Ideas $10-$30
1. A Book
2. Cook Dinner/ Make Dessert
3. Buy a picture frame and make a Collage of family pictures

Now that I look at my list my ideas suck LOL....back to thinking.......

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