Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Curly Hair Routine...Flawless Curls

Products I Used in My Hair: I Condition my hair everyday....I shampoo once a week.
Sunsilk Curly Hair Shampoo
Sunsilk Curly Hair Conditioner

Deep Conditioners: I deep Condition my hair on the days I shampoo my hair
Aussie 3 minute miracle (this is the best Deep Conditioner Ever!)

Natural Deep Conditioners: I use Olive oil or Coconut oil in my hair once a month. I coat my entire hair in Olive oil ( make sure you put A LOT of Oil on the ends of you hair...avoid getting the roots)...I let it sit in my hair for an entire day... then I wash it out the next morning with shampoo and conditioner. Any store brand extra Virgin Olive Oil will work =)


  1. Why don't you want the olive oil to get into the root of your hair?...Could Olive Oil be good for a drcy scalp? I Don't like Virgin anything. Can I sub for Extra Slutty Oil?

  2. Oil can clog up the pores of your hair..stopping hair growth...I wouldn't put oil on my scalp for that reason...try using a shampoo or conditioner made for dry scalp

    To your last question...go for it...if that's what you want :-)



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