Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Custom Colors: Mixing Nail polish

Doesn't it make you mad when you see a shade of nail polish that you want... but you never find it in the store..or if you do find it..it is always a shade darker or lighter... Well, I have a solution for you... mix your own nail polish!!! Its really easy..but I suggest you buy cheap nail polish such as NYC or Wet and Wild...that way if you create a super yucky funky color you can always throw it away.

Nail polish (preferably Wet and Wild or NYC)
Old Nail polish (you don't wear anymore or ones that are starting to dry up)

Step 1. Choose colors that compliment each other. Example Black + White=Gray, Red+ Blue= Purple, Dark Red + Light Red= Med Red, Green+Blue+Yellow= Turquoise. DONT BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT...Believe me someone out there will like the color.

Step 2. Make sure the nail polish bottles are about 1/2 way full to allow mixing. If not you will have to buy empty nail polish bottles or pour some color out.

Step 3. Use the lighter color as the base Example: If I'm making gray, white will be used as the base.

Step 4. Pour a few drops of the darker color into the base.

Step 5. Shake the nail posh bottle....until the color is completely mixed.

Step 6. Keep adding more drops of the darker color to the base until you get the desired color!


Tip: Keep nail polish in the refrigerator to keep it from drying out.

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