Thursday, 28 April 2011

High or Low....Which way do you go??

High end vs Low end make-up products. Everyone loves MAC products, but lets face it MAC is a little pricey. I personally don't want to spend $15 for a funky color eye shadow that I'm probably going to wear twice a year. So here are some alternatives......

1. Elf products are very inexpensive, but that doesn't mean they don't work. Elf is a good alternative to high end make-up, I personally think the eye shadows, eyeliner, and lip gloss works just as well as MAC products. Products start at $1.00. (

2. NYC is another good alternative to high end makeup. The palettes are really pigmented and the lip colors go on really bright. Products start at $ 0.99. (

3. NYX I've never tried these products but I read a lot of reviews saying that its really good. (

I do recommend MAC powder, foundation, and concealer it's worth the price. Most low end foundations and powder wear off after a few hours, the color range generally suck, and it leaves skin feeling oily. I hope this post helps!

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